The Most Popular Swedish Chips

Swedish Chips

Swedish Chips


Sweden is known for many things - beautiful landscapes, modern architecture, and delicious food. When it comes to snacks, Swedish chips are a must-try. Here are the most popular Swedish chips that you need to try.

  1. OLW Grill Chips: These crispy chips have a smoky barbecue flavor and are perfect for a snack or as an accompaniment to a cold beer.

  2. Estrella Dill Chips: If you love dill, you will love these chips. The Estrella Dill Chips are made with real dill and have a subtle, yet distinct flavor.

  3. OLW Sour Cream & Onion: Another classic flavor, the sour cream and onion chips from OLW have a perfect balance of tangy sour cream and savory onion.

  4. Estrella Ranch Chips: These chips have a tangy and creamy flavor with a hint of spice. They are perfect for dipping in ranch dressing.

  5. OLW Ostbågar: These cheese-flavored puffs are a favorite in Sweden. They are light and airy with a strong cheese flavor.

  6. Estrella Paprika Chips: These chips have a bold, smoky flavor with a hint of paprika. They are perfect for snacking or as an accompaniment to a sandwich.

  7. OLW Salt & Vinegar Chips: If you're a fan of salt and vinegar, you will love these chips from OLW. They have a tangy flavor with a salty kick.

In conclusion, Swedish chips are a delicious and unique snack that you must try. Whether you're a fan of classic flavors like sour cream and onion or want to try something new like dill or bacon, there is a Swedish chip for everyone. So, next time you're in Sweden or looking for a new snack to try, grab a bag of one of these top Swedish chips or order directly from