A Guide to the Top 10 Swedish Candy

A Guide to the top 10 Swedish Candy

With Sweden being the country that consumes the most candy in the world, the candy must be good, right? The answer is yes. It is very good.

Swedish Candy is a massive part of the culture with everything from Fredagsmys (“cozy Friday”) to buying Lördagsgodis ("Saturday Candy"). The Candy Sections in grocery stores are massive, and it is impossible to leave without buying at least one bag...

Let’s look at which ones you should try right this second.


1. Ahlgrens Bilar Original 

Since 1953 Ahlgren's cars have been Sweden's most bought car. And there is a reason for it... These soft fruit flavored cars are amazing. It is a taste explosion and you will not be disappointed!

> Buy Ahlgrens Bilar here.


2. Polly Original 

These squidgy soft marshmallows in dark and milk chocolate is another fan favorite. The catch phrase is that it is impossible to only have one... Do you think you can eat only one? I doubt it...

> Buy Polly Original here.


3. Djungelvrål

Salty monkey shaped liquorice. Well at first sight that sounds a bit weird. But you will surprised. If you are a fan of salty liquorice it will be very difficult to beat these guys...

> Buy Djungelvrål here.


4. Tutti Frutti Original

Tutti Frutti Original is a cheerful assortment of fruity flavors: raspberry, pear, lemon and the unique Tutti Frutti. And the unique Tutti Frutti flavor... it is like something you have never tried before. They are simply amazing!

Buy Tutti Frutti Original here.


5. Zoo Malaco

Another monkey shaped candy? Well, yes. These fruit flavoured sweets are so so good. Usually coming in small bags they are everyone's favorite treat. With a unique flavor they are a most try.

> Buy Zoo Malaco here.


6. S-Märke Orginalet Supersurt

Super sour foam candy that is not as wellknown as the rest of the candy on this list. But does it matter? No, because they are just as delicious. If you love sour candy then these are for you!


> Buy S-Märke Orginalet Supersurt here.


7. Gott & Blandat Original

A unique mix between sweet, fruity and salty candy with a chewy texture, Gott & Blandat is a classic in every Swedish household. If you haven't tried them already, you definitely should...

> Buy Gott & Blandat Original here.


8. Tyrkisk Peber


Tyrkisk Peber is a salty liquorice classic with a peppery kick, and it’s has been a big hit ever since its launch in 1977. Either you will love them or hate them. However, you have to try them and make up your own mind!

> Buy Tyrkisk Peber here.


9. Surskalle Bubs

Regardless of what mood you are in – happy, sad, angry or indifferent – these skulls will be sour. But yet delicious! 

> Buy Surskalle Bubs here.


10. Ferrari Pingvin

Lastly, we have the Ferrari Candy. This is another Swedish classic. They are small wine rubber Ferrari cars with raspberry taste. I can almost guarantee you will eat this bag faster than a Ferrari goes from 0-100 km/h...

> Buy Ferrari Pingvin here.


There you have it! The Ultimate Guide to Swedish Candy. Whether you like Sweet, Sour, Chocolate, or Liquorice, the list have it all. All you need to do now is to try yourself some Swedish Candy and find out which ones are your favorites. It will be worth it :)