Top 5 snacks for the 2024 Super Bowl that will impress your friends!

Top 5 snacks for the 2024 Super Bowl that will impress your friends!

With only a week left to the Super Bowl, I'm sure most people are in the midst of trying to figure out what they should buy for the big night, and are probably looking for something special to make it extra memorable...

Have you thought about getting some Swedish snacks? Probably not... but if you want to make it extra memorable, I promise this is the way to go. 

What makes it so great is that there is Swedish snacks for everyone! We do Candy, Snacks, Fika, and Chocolate very well.


Let's get in to my top 5 best snacks for the Super Bowl!


1.  Smash Choklad OLW


Okay, hear me out here. Smash Choklad OLW is probably the best thing coming out of Sweden since IKEA. They are the best seller at all the grocery stores in Sweden, and it is for a reason. They consist of Corn Chips covered in Chocolate with a sprinkle of Salt. Almost like Doritos covered in Chocolate, but better! With these in the house, all your friends might be more focused on eating than the actual Super Bowl game... 


> Buy Smash Choklad OLW here.


2. Gifflar Pågen


We know, it's impossible to open a bag of Gifflar and eat just one. It's like there's something magical about this bag that draws your hand to it, again and again. Actually, it's not magic, it's just irresistibly good buns with lovely, swirly filling. For the Super Bowl, these would be the highlight of the night! 


> Buy Gifflar Pågen here.


3. Ballerina Original


What's the Super Bowl without Cookies? Not the Super Bowl! Ballerina is Sweden's most loved cookie. They are irresistible cookies with crisp biscuits and smooth nougat cream. Perfect for any pre-Super Bowl party to ge the crowd excited.


> Buy Ballerina Original here.


4. Ahlgrens Bilar Original 

Since 1953 Ahlgren's cars have been Sweden's most bought car. And there is a reason for it... These soft fruit flavored cars are amazing. It is a taste explosion and you will not be disappointed! But just remember, all these different snacks will make it hard to focus on the Super Bowl game as they are so delicious! 


Buy Ahlgrens Bilar here.


5. Sourcream & Onion Estrella


What's a top Super Bowl snacks list without Chips? It is probably not a top snacks list. As such, we need to add Sweden's most popular chips and a real classic,  Sourcream & Onion Estrella. You are probably thinking, well we have  Sourcream & Onion flavored chips here. Well, test them out and I can guarantee these will be better...

> Buy Sourcream & Onion Estrella here.


There you have it! My ultimate Super Bowl snacks, that might be a bit different compared to the usual suspects. These snacks will definitely impress your friends and make it the best Super Bowl night ever!


If you want to try some of our other amazing Swedish snacks, you can always check out our store right > here.