The Best Swedish Candy to Enjoy During Euros 2024

The Best Swedish Candy to Enjoy During Euros 2024

As the excitement for Euros 2024 builds up, fans across the continent are gearing up for a thrilling summer of football. While the matches will be packed with adrenaline and passion, the experience can be made even sweeter with the right snacks. If you're looking to add a unique and delightful twist to your game-time munchies, Swedish candy is the way to go to enhance your Euros 2024 experience.

1. Daim

A quintessential Swedish candy, Daim is a crunchy almond caramel bar coated in smooth milk chocolate. The combination of crispy caramel and rich chocolate creates a satisfying contrast that makes it hard to stop at just one. Daim also comes in bite-sized pieces, perfect for sharing with friends and family while cheering for your favorite team.

2. Polly

Polly is a delightful candy that features soft, chewy foam drops covered in chocolate. Available in different flavors like original chocolate, vanilla, and arrack, Polly is an irresistible treat that offers a burst of sweetness with every bite. Its light and airy texture make it an ideal snack for those intense moments in the game when you need something to keep your energy up.

3. Marabou Chocolate

Marabou is one of Sweden's most iconic chocolate brands, known for its creamy and smooth texture. With a variety of flavors such as Marabou Milk Chocolate, Marabou Daim, and Marabou Oreo, there's a bar for every taste. Marabou's large bars are perfect for sharing, making them a great addition to your Euros 2024 watch parties.

4. Bilar

A unique and quirky Swedish candy, Ahlgrens Bilar are soft, chewy candies shaped like little cars. Available in fruity flavors, these pastel-colored candies are a fun and tasty way to keep your spirits high during the matches. Their light texture and pleasant taste make them an easy snack to munch on throughout the game.

5. Kexchoklad

Kexchoklad, a crunchy wafer covered in milk chocolate, is a popular choice for Swedish candy lovers. Its light and crispy texture combined with the creamy chocolate coating makes it a delightful snack. Kexchoklad is also convenient to carry, making it a great option for outdoor viewing parties or picnics during the Euros.


Swedish candy offers a diverse and delectable range of options to elevate your Euros 2024 experience. Whether you're hosting a watch party, enjoying the matches at home, or cheering on your team from a local pub, these Swedish treats will add a touch of sweetness to the excitement.


So, stock up on these delightful candies and get ready to celebrate every goal, save, and victory with a taste of Sweden. Skål to a fantastic Euros 2024!