The Best Valentine's Day Candy for 2024

The Best Valentine's Day Candy for 2024

With only a few days left to the Valentine Day's, I'm sure most couples are trying to figure what type of candy to buy, and are probably looking for something special to make it extra memorable...

Have you thought about getting some Swedish Candy? Probably not... but if you want to make it extra memorable and a little bit different, I promise this is the way to go.

Let's get in to the Best Valentine's Day Candy!


1.  Gelehjärtan


Jelly shaped hearts. That's the tweet. A timeless classic that will never go wrong for Valentine's Day. 


Buy Gelehjärtan Red Heart Aroma.


2. Hjärtformad Guldask Anthon Berg


Heart-shaped gold box from Anthon Berg with a selection of the finest chocolate pralines. Perfect for Valentine's Day when you want to show your appreciation. Another timeless classic that can't go wrong!



3. Chokladpraliner Hasselnöt Tack Marabou


From the famous Swedish chocolate brand Marabou comes this perfect heart-shaped box that is perfect for Valentine's Day. The box contains delicious pralines with hazelnut filling and smooth milk chocolate. It will be difficult to just buy one box because they are so tasty!


Buy Chokladpraliner Hasselnöt Tack Marabou here.


There you have it! The ultimate Valentine's Day Candy list with a Swedish twist. Trust us when we say these will impress your partner!


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